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Spanish casserole with chicken and chorizo-using Slow Cooker setting


6 Chicken pieces (thighs are best) Beef could be used
6 raw chorizo sausages
3 large carrots
1 bulb of garlic cloves cut in half
1 red chilli -chopped
3 red onions sliced
3 peppers (green, red and yellow) sliced or roughly chopped
A really good glug of cream sherry!!
3-3 tablespoons of Olive oil, or rape seed oil
selection of herbs, oregano, marjoram, parsley ,basil
2-3 teasp smoked paprika
1/2 teasp Cayenne pepper
2 teasp turmeric
butter nut squash
Salt and pepper to taste
You can add other vegetables as to taste

This is an adaption of a recipe I was given about 5 years ago. A customer called us out as her cooker blew up in a ball of flame!! What she claimed she had done was put a well known family recipe into the oven and 20 minutes later there was a big ball of flames which threw the door open.

After investigation it was found there was no fault with the cooker, I quizzed the lady as to what she had been cooking, it transpired it was a casserole with a whole bottle of sherry in it. Normally she used the fan baking oven (incidentally this is not the correct setting for this type of cooking) but accidently she had switched the knob to roasting oven which because she had not used this for number of years the element was covered in grease as use burns grease off as it’s used.
As a result the element started to clean itself which created a spark, under normal circumstances this would not matter but as the heat had evaporated the moisture of the sherry the ALCOHOL ignited -blowing the door open.

I recommend this dish is cooked via the conventional or roasting,but make sure you run the oven first to make sure the elements clean them selves.
To keep this recipe simple, Place the meat in the roasting tray along with all the vegetables roughly chopped, pour in sherry, sprinkle all spices and herbs and pour oil over then salt and pepper.
Cook for 30 minuets at 180 degrees then drop the temperature to 130 for one hour.serves 3-4 people.

Here it is served with a generous helping of home made pesto made from the copious amount of basil I have in the garden starting to go to seed,processed with garlic, pine nut kernels and Parmesan cheese, stir in on eating to enhance the flavour.

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