Meet the MRCR Team

Paul. Enzo. Vanessa. Mike. Sue. Chris. Rebecca. Karren. Mark. Darrell.  


MRCR Ltd are the service team for Bertazonni, Ilve, Britannia Cookers across the UK
Rangemaster in the North and Midlands

We are the Bertazzoni and Ilve cooker 2 year warranty repair team for the UK.

We have a wealth of experience and are extremely knowledgeable repairing their Cooking appliances. along with Britannia ranges that were made by both these manufacturers.

MRCR are a small highly efficient company, these cookers are so reliable that we only need 6 engineers where other manufacturers need 50 + to cover the UK.


Specialising only in Ilve and Bertazzoni cookers, dishwashers Microwaves and fridge freezers. Carrying all functional parts on our van stocks to complete 90% + calls first visit, saving you the customer time for a recall.


In the midlands and the North we repair Rangemaster, gas and induction cookers. Carrying all functional parts


Bertazzoni  Family started building Range wood burning stove in 1895. That is why they still carry the traditional dial thermostat on their Master series range. The Professional series out performs cookers twice its price with equal quality.  Bertazzoni sell worldwide one cooker every minute

Ilve – have been selling cookers in the UK since 1996 under the name of Britannia brand, changing back to their own name around 2012, from Britannia back to Ilve. There is no other manufacture in the world that can supply parts for their cookers back to 1996.

Rangemaster – We repair Rangemaster in the midlands and the North, carrying all functional Parts on our vans.

0121 285 4655 

Midland Range Cooker Repairs


 MRCR Ltd. cover all of the UK with engineers based in different areas. If you require a warranty repair or a chargeable repair, annual safety service, please contact us below.

We are also here to give technical advice on your Ilve or Bertazzoni range to help you get the best cooking performance from these quality ranges. 

0121 285 4655 

 WhatsApp 07916 176490

Click here for our favorite delicious spit roast chicken  recipe and how to to get the most  out of your, Bertazzoni and ilve Rotisserie function.  

*special offer *

We have a limited stock of double sided ribbed and Flat griddles. They work on both Ilve or Bertazzoni gas Ranges.

Comes complete with storage bag

£70 including Vat & postage to main land UK.

While Stocks Last.
Midland Range Cooker Company

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Midland Range Cooker Company

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Midland Range Cooker Company

Who We Are

Highly qualified, Gas Safe engineers specialising on Britannia, Bertazzoni, Ilve cookers and Rangemaster

Midland Range Cooker Repair - Britannia 100cm Range

Our Expertise

We are specialists in our field, with collectively 60 plus years experience in repairing range cookers.

Midland Range Cooker Repairs - Specialising in Range Masters, Britannia, Ilve and Bertazzoni Repairs

Our Approach

Our aim is to deliver superior service across the UK , at an affordable and competitive price. On the first visit.

Midland Range Cooker Repairs - Britannia Cooker
Midland Range Cooker Repairs - Ilve Cooker
Midland Range Cooker Repairs - Range Master Cooker
Midland Range Cooker Repairs - Bertazzoni Cooker
Midland Range Cooker Company