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MRCR Carry all Rangemaster functional parts to repair your cooker on our first visit. Gas and electric cookers


We understand that induction is complicated and expensive to repair. Induction hobs very rarely go wrong, but when they do, they either stop working altogether or display an error code. 

We have found many repair companies are refusing to repair these type of cookers. This is due to the fact that parts can be very expensive and they can be difficult to diagnose exactly which part is at fault.

We now offer reconditioned G5 units which we give 12 months parts and labour. These units are configured, tested on our test bed to give our customers a piece of mind. We also stock limited earlier G4 parts to repair your older cooker. 

If you have a problem with your induction hob, either it is just not working or displaying an error code, contact us we can discuss what type of fault you have, sometimes we can save you money, it can be as simple as a user error.                                                                         Telephone  0121 285 4655.


Rangemaster G5 on test Bed


Midland Range Cooker Company

 Rangemaster GAS Cookers

MRCR are GAS SAFE registered now stocked with spare parts for Rangemaster range cookers. We carry thermostats, FFDs Wok and burners. These cookers are very efficient, reliable, easy to use and as a result, have become very popular. 

About Rangemaster

The original Rangemaster range cooker, called the Kitchener, invented in 1830 by William Flavel and built on the same site as their current factory in Royal Leamington Spa. Not far from our office. Since their very first product, Rangemaster have been leading the way in creative cooker technology.

The Kitchener could be used to boil, roast, bake and warm – all from the same heat source. It was hailed as one of the greatest domestic invensions of the 19th Century.

Following the death of William Flavel in 1844, his son Sidney Flavel took over and ran the company. He exhibited the Kitchener at the Great Exhibition, in Crystal Palace in 1851.

Between 1851 and the turn of the century, the Kitchener won many awards throughout the world. The Kitchener went from strength to strength. It was recognised by everyone from Edward VII and the King of Italy to the Emperor of Germany – and even the Duchess of Gloucester, who was so impressed with the Kitchener she ordered one for Kensington Palace.

Sidney Flavel remained at the forefront of cooker styling and technology and his reputation for innovation remained. Indeed much modern domestic cooker technology has its roots in the Rangemaster development laboratories in Royal Leamington Spa.

The company were also the first to offer colour shaded cookers, the first to produce a dual fuel cooker.

In recent years they have won several ‘Good Housekeeping’ awards for their cookers, and are the top cooker in their price bracket. 



Midland Range Cooker Repairs - Range Master Cooker