Ilve Factory Italy

Above picture of Mike and myself outside the ilve Factory

Its always interesting as an engineer to have a guided tour of a factory. At Ilve you see the latest technology mixed with traditional hand skills.

The welcome from Alberto, Antonio and Giovanni is fantastic, before the tour we all had lunch together with Tom and Jason from KitchenEX the UK importers of these beautiful cookers.

The Factory Tour                                                                                                                 As you walk around the factory , at Ilve you see the mixture of the latest technology mixed with traditional hand skills. The fantastic machine the size of a small house, building the oven cavity’s, the  door glass machine assembling the doors glasses.

Then you turn a corner and see a skilled worker polishing the hob surrounds by hand, to get a perfect finish. The assembly line building and testing the cookers by hand, they really are still hand built by a dedicated work force.

The Ilve cooker

These cookers are the Rolls Royce of cookers. The build quality compared to other cookers on the market is superb.                                                                                    Ilve have been in the UK since 1996 and are the only Range Cooker I know of that you can buy the parts and totally rebuild the cooker. No matter how old the cooker back to 1996. Just like a classic car.

When you buy a new Ilve you are buying a cooker that not only  lasts a life time, but now has all the latest technology. 

Latest induction with bridging, boil and simmer and power function.

 E3 ovens capable of heating to 300degC. this means you can cook a fresh pizza in 4 minuets (who needs a pizza oven) when your Ilve cooker can do it for you!                                                                                                                                                         Nano gas burners which clean themselves as the burn. Gone is need to clean your gas burners every time you use the cooker. the next time you light the burner it burns any grease spots off from the previous cooking.            

Ilve are probably the best kept secret on the market. See our guide for all the other fantastic features these cookers are capable of.