Induction Cooker Repairs

MRCR Ltd repair Bertazzoni, Ilve, Britannia and Rangemaster induction cookers.

We use a test rig in our workshop to renew the induction board for Ilve and Bertazzoni warranty calls.

We also use the test rig to recondition the units for Britannia and Rangemaster.

Midland Range Cooker Repairs - Induction hob under repair

Induction board on our test Rig.

Induction cookers have many features that owners do not realise are available.

P- Power Boost. This setting allows an extra power induction to the selected plate. It is ideal for boiling water quickly , I use this function to cook steak on a solid cast pan. (cooks the steak in seconds, as if placed on a BBQ).

A- Auto boil and simmer. This takes a little getting used to! Turn the knob to ‘A’ until it bleeps, then set the number you wish the pan to simmer (1-8) the inductor will run at full power depending on the model of cooker up to 2-3 minuets. Then it will drop to a simmer setting automatically.

Questions and Answers.

  • Why does my induction Buzz. – Generally it is the pan that causes the the inductor to buzz. It has not been explained why but some web sites say it is due to the different layers of material in the pan.
  • My pan used to work but now it does not – Cheaper pans have a printed layer of metal on the base. Over a period of years it wears off.
  • My pans will not work on the cooker – the pans are not designed for induction. Only pans with ferrous metal will work on induction. Glass, copper, ceramic and stainless steel will not work on induction.
  • Can I use cast Pans – Cast pans work very well, please remember induction ceramic is bonded into the frame, try not to use more tan one heavy pan at a time otherwise over a period of time the bonding will fail.

  • If you have any questions not listed here email