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Tripping – Trouble Shooting

ILVE Cookers – Tripping

Many Range cookers (of any brand) on the market today, may cause tripping in some customers homes. The main reason for this is the sensitivity of modern day fuseboards coupled with the significant power of some models. Before organising an engineer’s visit, it is important to check the electrics within the home to ensure that they have adequate provision from an electrical perspective. Most tripping issues are not due to a faulty cooker, but due to the cooker and electricity supply not being completely compatible and a fairly simple electrical adjustment in the home will resolve.

Before looking at electrics, certain ways of cooking cause condensation, which can cause tripping. So the first step is to look at how you use your cooker, it may well be that you can resolve the issue by adapting how you cook.

·       Do you put a large casserole/ meat joint into the small oven?

·       It may cause too much condensation moisture and should be cooked in the large oven?

·       Have you had a large water spillage on your induction hob?

·       This may have triggered the anti -spillage protection which will cause your electrics to trip to protect you. Dry your hob immediately, allow it to cool, then reset your trip- this may rectify the issue.

If your cooker has tripped the electrics, there are things to look at which will remedy most issues. If you check through the following and the issue persists, an engineer’s visit will be required.

1.     Does the cooker trip as soon as the cooker is turned on at the cooker point?

2.     Does the cooker trip when an individual oven/grill or hot plate is operated?

If yes, Service call is required.

3.     Does the cooker trip after it has been on for some time every time it is used i.e.: tripped during cooking?

 If yes, Service call is required.

4.     Does the cooker trip on random occasions? (once a week or month)

This may be due to the customer’s electrical supply or a phenomenon called Nuisance Tripping 

Nuisance tripping is a situation where there are several items in household that naturally have a small leakage to earth. The combination /accumulation can cause a build-up which operates the trip. The cooker always has the largest leakage  naturally.

Do you have the following?

·        Internet enabled TVs

·       Computers.

·       Does the freezer have an auto defrost?

·       Was the washing machine / tumble dryer/ microwave /kettle /iron on at the time? 

If yes, you need to ensure that your cooker is either installed on an RCBO instead of an RCD  ( if your electrician says that this is possible) OR if this is not possible a separate small stand-alone consumer unit may need to be installed with RCD / RCBO protection (please refer to a qualified / registered electrician).

Ask your electrician also to check for a worn out OR over sensitive trip* which causes the circuit to trip out too early. This can be diagnosed by an electrician performing a RAMP test. Although trips are rated at 30mA, most trip at a value of around 22 to 24mA, if the trip is lower than this value it is recommended that you replace that trip switch.

If after, trying the above, your problem persists, please contact us to book an engineer


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