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Basic Bread

Set the small oven stat so the light just comes on,using the conventional oven setting on E3 models set to 30 degrees. This oven only wants to be just warm for proving.
5. Leave to rise for 1 Hour – ( set minute minder), leave the dough in the mixing bowl covered with cling film.
6. Knock back and give the dough a light knead, this will develop the gluten which has become stretchy to improve the texture of the bread.
7. Shape the dough to bread style required ie rolls, cottage, tin, and place either on a floured baking tray or in a tin.Let it rise for a further 30-45 minutes, covered with cling film so it doesn’t dry out.
8. While it is rising set the baking/pizza oven, on earlier models just use baking oven to 175 degrees. After rising move to the hot oven for cooking dust with flour..
9. Cook for 18 minutes, it should be nicely browned in colour, tap the base of the bread, it should sound hollow, leave to cool on a wire rack.

A really tasty modification to make a ciabatta is after the first rise press the bread in a flat roasting tin, flattening the uncooked dough. Prepare some fried garlic, sprigs of Rosemary, olives, sundried tomatoes. Place these into the dough before the final shorter rise. let it rise then Cook. When out of the oven pour extra olive oil into the bread, piercing to get an even absorption.

Very yummy, best eaten slightly warm

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